Pi Zero Robot Car

One of the flag ship demos Dan Julio has worked up for the Pi Platter and Pi Zero combination is a zippy little FPV (First Person View) robot car. It was cobbled together mostly with spare parts from the SSD Boulder Hackerspace.

Watching Dan expertly remotely control the 2.5 wheel robot  car from his Mac laptop is entertaining.   What is a 2.5 wheel robot?  Simple – there a are a left and right powered wheel.  A ball bearing at the end of a 3D printed post provides the 3rd contact point to the ground.   Hmmm… maybe Dan should have called his robot a “trike” instead of a “car?”

Dan has set up the robot with a cheap Logitech USB webcam. The cam streams its’out put to a control Mac laptop.  The distance sensor analog signal is digitized by the Pi Platter and then also sent to the control Mac.  The communication link is over WiFi.

You can see some video footage of the robot car in our kickstarter video.  And, a more complete technical description is on the SwitchDoc.com blog.

Pi Platter/Pi Zero Robot Car

Pi Platter/Pi Zero Robot Car